The Harper is a much smaller speaker that is ideal for usage as a surround or a small main system.  It is important that the tone color of a surround be comparable to that of the mains and the Harper fits this criteria to a tee.  Despite its small size  its performance is admirable, but most notably, it echoes the constant directivity performance of its larger and more powerful cousins.

Below are shown two data plots in 1/10 octave resolution.  These are for the horizontal polar responses. On the left is a polar map which shows sound levels as a contour map in 3 dB increments. The vertical axis represents the angle in degrees and the horizontal axis represents frequency in hertz. These plots may seem new since almost no one in this industry would dare to show this level of detailed data.  There is a reason for that!

size: 19" X 10" X 8"

speaker compliment: B&C 8ps21& DE12

Sensitivity: 93 dB / 2.83 volt / 1m (0 dB on the curves below)

Impedance: 8 Ohms above 150 Hz.

The Harper is available as a kit or fully assembled and tested.  The Harper pictured to the left is in a proprietary Geddes satin black.

For interactive data, run program and select "Harper"

Harper Data

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