The Nathan has a 10" woofer and a 10" waveguide. Designed for constrained spaces and budgets, this speaker still performs among the very best.  The Nathan has satisfied numerous critical customers because of its very high performance to size ratio.  Few speakers in this size and price category can stand up to the Nathan.

The horizontal polar responses can be seen in the interactive Polar Map program (below).  The vertical axis on the largest plot represents the angle in degrees and the horizontal axis represents frequency in Hertz. The top plot is the frequency response along the selected direction  and the right plot is the polar response at the selected frequency. These plots may seem new since almost no one in this industry would dare to show this level of detailed data.  There is a reason for that!

For interactive data run this and select "Nathan10ca".

Size is 24" x 12" x 10".

Sensitivity: 95 dB / 2.83 volt / 1 m (0 dB on the curves below)

Impedance: 8 Ohms above 100 Hz.

"To make it short: the speakers are awesome.  If you've never listened to a speaker that is capable of reproducing such a wide dynamic range without distortion (take any of the popular 2 way boxes) then you'll be amazed how lifelike e.g. a voice can be.  The lack of compression combined with a high directivity that minimizes disturbing reflections helps in raising intelligibility not only of voices but of the whole sound stage. " - Markus Mehlau

The Nathan is available as a kit or fully assembled and tested. The Nathan pictured to the left is in gloss black.


Nathan 10Ca


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