Geddes subs now come in three different varieties all optimized to be used in the Multiple Sub application.  This application requires high output capability but is indifferent to the type of sub, ported etc.  The Passive Radiator (PR) sub uses a large 15" passive radiator instead of ports for the lowest possible extraneous noise even at the most extreme SPL levels.   This sub can take excessive amounts of power and likewise produce copious levels of sound.  While not tuned for a very low cutoff - about 45 Hz, it can easily be EQ'd to produce bass down to the lowest modes of your room.  LF response is all about EQ and EQ can often require very high output capabilities from the sub without the driver ever going  "out of control" (a serious problem with most subs).  Geddes subs can take whatever is required.  It is a true monopole at the very lowest frequencies so it can easily be EQ'd well below its passband to achieve 20 Hz output or lower.  This is critically important because ported subs cannot do this.


There are also two more closed box subs in 12" and 10".  The 12" version is identical to the PR sub, but with no PR hence it is a little smaller with a little less low frequency extension.  The 10" is smaller yet and a little less low frequency extension.  The ideal setup would have one of each and use the software setup outlined below.


The best part of buying Geddes subs is the setup analysis that is provided.  With the purchase of Geddes subs comes a run of a complex room/sub fitting algorithm. Bass is completely room dependent and just buying a sub (or several) will not ensure a satisfactory response in a given room.  Now you can have the subs custom fit to your room for a low frequency performance unobtainable anywhere else.


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