Sound Quality Perception

The GedLee Principals, Earl Geddes and Lidia Lee, are engaged in ongoing research into the correlation of various distortion metrics with subjective impression.  This research was brought about by the work we did putting together our first book. In this text a new paradigm for distortion measurement was proposed that was based on nonlinear systems theory.  This approach is unique in that it is not signal based as all the other current approaches are. 

AES presentations on Distortion Perception I and Distortion Perception II

Early in 2005 an author in England published an article about this work which was thereby reprinted by Audio Express in the July-August issue of Multi-Media Manufacturer (www.mutimediamanufacturer,com).  This paper is available here. We then sent in a letter to the editor as a response.

The AES and SAE  Powerpoint presentation on the new metric is available.

The AES paper on subjective evaluations of compression drivers is available here.

A 2006 AES paper on time domain distortion perception is here.

A 2007 ALMA China presentation on distortion perception is here.

A 2007 ALMA US presentation on compression drivers is here.

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