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Earl is an audio enthusiast with an intense interest in the acoustics domain.  Realizing very early on that the weak link in virtually all audio systems was the acoustic sound production (loudspeaker, room, etc.) he focused his attention on this aspect of the sound reproduction problem.  Today, Earl is one of the leading authorities in loudspeaker design and small room acoustics today.

In addition to his audio expertise Earl has a tremendous knowledge of noise control with an expertise in both active and passive methods of control.  After all, one cannot enjoy a good sound system when there is too much background noise!

With several years spent in the hearing aid industry Earl gained a good understanding of the basics of hearing and perception of sound.  While the real expert in this field is his partner Dr. Lidia Lee, Earl has his own unique perspective on subjective aspects of audio and sound quality.

Earl's current areas of interest are compressed audio, home theatre, and loudspeaker simulation and measurement.

A more in depth description of Earl's experience can be found in his Resume'.

Earl Geddes



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