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The Geddes line of loudspeakers is the product of years of intensive research into loudspeakers, room acoustics, and psychoacoustics.  This research has led to a rather unique approach to an optimum sound playback system for a small room. The speakers shown here represent the current state-of-the-art in loudspeaker design using the highly acclaimed waveguides that have been developed by Dr. Geddes over more than thirty years.  A white paper is available that highlights Dr. Geddes approach to systems design. This approach is based on his years of research into the problems of audio playback in small rooms and this paper defines the design principles that go into each of Geddes products. 

Dr. Geddes has added a comprehensive paper on directivity.  The need for this paper was highlighted by the number of questions that are received about directivity - What is it? What is good or bad directivity?

There is also a paper on "What is a Waveguide".

For those curious about Geddes "Multiple Sub" technique view this Presentation or the PowerPoint

The multiple sub setup is supplied free to any customer who buys two or more subs.  The setup is now available as a stand alone service.  The fee is $200 for Geddes Speakers (non-sub) owners (of record) and $400 for non-owners.
The manual for doing this is available here.

Several reviews of Geddes Loudspeakers are available. These reviews testify to the correctness of Dr. Geddes's unique approach.  It should be noted that these aren't select reviews, taken from a variety of various reviews, these are all of the reviews that have been received. None have been left out.

There is now an option for using an active filter (supplied).  The current pricing is the same for active or passive for the Abbey and a small differential for the others.  The active crossover is supplied by a pre-programmed MiniDSP module.

The price has been reduced for the Nathan 10C.

The Geddes product line currently consists of five models, three are also available in kit form.  This product line is:


The Abbey 12C(a)


The Nathan 10C(a)


The Harper 8a


The 12" PR Sub 

Polar data program
       Requires MS Internet Explorer

Room Response program
       Requires MS Internet Explorer
This software is in development.  To start select loudspeaker and then change the window size to show data.  Click in room to move listener location.

Room Modes and Sources
Requires MS Internet Explorer

Read Me

Which model to buy?

The Summa Cum Laude offers maximum performance but at a considerably higher cost, volume and weight (contact for the latest prices); the Abbey is less expensive, smaller and much lighter, but gives up a little performance; the Nathan is a substantial performer in a very reasonable size, weight, and cost. The Harper is no longer available. 

Current Pricing (Jan. 2013)

  Baffle Baffle +
compression driver
Baffle + 
all drivers
Baffle + drivers
+ crossover (active or passive)
All parts - adds polyurethane side panels and MDF/CLD back panel Fully assembled and tested, unfinished Fully
Assembled tested and finished  (1)
Abbey 800 925 1150 1300 1700 2600 3000
Nathan 400 500 650 750 950 1300 1600
12" PR Sub na na na na na 600 800
12" closed box sub           400 550
10" closed box sub           300 450

Please note that prices are per speaker, in US$ and exclude shipping and handling charges

"Baffle" includes constrained layer damped baffle with resin cast waveguide, compression driver mounting plate and custom fit foam plug.  A set of cabinet drawings and a schematic are included.  Videos of assembly will be made available. It is required that the front baffle edges be routed after assembly of the enclosure.  This requires a router and a 3/4 to 1-1/4" bit depending on model and ability.  The larger the radius the better, however, a Harper is limited to 1" and Nathans and Abbeys to 1-1/4".  The larger radii require a shaper as a router cannot handle these larger bits.

"Drivers" are the drivers appropriate for the design.

"Crossover" contains all electronic parts or a preprogrammed DSP box for active filter usage, but does not include a CLD back panel.

All prices are FOB my workshop.  Packing for shipping and shipping costs are extra.  Assembled speakers will not be shipped with the woofers installed as too much damage potential in shipping results.  They will be finished and tested but then the woofers removed for shipping.  The woofers are sent separately and must be reinstalled by the customer upon arrival.

1) Black, white and red in a satin finish are standard.  Other colors and finishes (high gloss) are available on request and priced accordingly.

A fully refundable deposit of 1/2 total purchase must be made to get in the delivery queue, which also fixes the price - please use and account -  Deposit is not fully refundable once the order build has been started.

Changes to content can be made at the discretion of the manufacturer and options can be eliminated at any time.

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