Audio Transducers Errata

  • pg. 19 - Eq. (1.11.32) contains an extra left bracket.
  • Pg. 276 - the functions A2,3(w) are actually the denominators of the functions referred to on that page. This is not stated as such.
  • Pg. 62 - the 4th line should read "Using this result in Eq. 3.6.60 leads to" and - Eq. 3.6.63 and 3.6.64 - the argument of the Hankel function should have a cosj instead of a sinj. (Eq. 3.6.67 is correct)
  • pg. 149 - Eq. 6.5.14 for Tnm should be multiplied by 1/2, the k's in the H0,1 and H1,0 should not be there, and the last term in the last line should be h(1)(krn+1) h(2)(krn)
  • pg. 32 - Fig. 2-5 has the wrong curve for a ceramic magnet - the wrong quadrant is shown. The correct curve slops down from the correctly shown Y-axis value and intersects a point at 1.7 Oersteds and 2.0 kilo Gauss. It then falls off rapidly. This error has no effect on the discussion in this section.