GedLee News

A lot has changed here at GedLee.  Dr. Geddes has officially retired and he can no longer build many of the speakers that he once sold.  The NS-15 can still be made as a special request and an interested buyer should E-mail him directly.

By far the biggest change is that Earl is going to devote his retirement to his long lost love of stain glass.  Having more than 40 years experience at this and dozens of projects under his belt he is equpped to do first rate work.  Read about his history in glass  at the page Glass in the index.

This website will keep Dr. Geddes and Dr. Lee's pages for reference.

GedLee provides several products and services:

Geddes Loudspeakers

A revolution in loudspeaker design was started at GedLee; find out why "waveguides" are all the rage and how Earl Geddes is the person who started it. Geddes Loudspeakers have been hailed as: "... the best speakers I've heard in 30 years as an ardent audiophile"


High level and mid level books in audio and home theater construction.