SPEAK Loudspeaker Simulation Program

SPEAK is a very old program, but one that is still quite useful. It is a free download, but it is unsupported.

In today's demanding environment for loudspeaker designs, designing for a flat axial response is simply not enough. It is now widely accepted that one must consider the directivity/power response of the system and in this class Speak has no rivals. Speak is a high performance loudspeaker modeling package aimed at the knowledgeable designer of loudspeaker systems. Even though Speak is a highly sophisticated software application, its ease of use makes it a highly effective education tool for the more novice practitioner. Coupled with GedLee's Audio Transducers text one can go from novice to expert in a relatively short period of time.


  • Polar map - the ideal way to visualize polar data
  • Inductance model using Dr. M. Leach's two parameter model.
  • Waveguide models - with flare capability.
  • Motor designer and analyzer.
  • An accurate polar response modeling capability. Polar responses can be viewed for individual drivers or complete systems, thus allowing an analysis of the polar response effect of the crossover, for example.
  • Multiple plots - SPL, cone excursion, impedance, voltage, current, true power and polar response. All adjustable scales, linear and log.
  • Multiple driver capability - with active and passive crossovers and polar radiation effects from non-coincident drivers
  • Speak is unexcelled in its capability to model the entire loudspeaker system Array capability - In addition to its five individual drivers of arbitrary size and baffle location an array capability is included. Virtually any number of source distributions are possible through a unique array module. Individual drivers can be arrayed into a single system or entire systems can be arrayed.
  • Global drivers database of over 1400 drivers from nearly every manufacturer. (Get this database from Downloads page. Use Databases /Download External Data/Drivers to load these new drivers into your current Drivers database.)
  • Acoustic Leverâ„¢ simulation - The only analysis program available with this capability. Speak comes with a license to make this enclosure design for your personal use.
  • Distortion - with a knowledge of the changes of the fundamental parameters such as Bl, etc. with cone position Speak can predict the radiated second and third harmonics for any enclosure design or system design.
  • Waveguide (Horn) modeling - Waveguides can be model with an accuracy not usually found in other programs. Using a proprietary modeling approach based on Dr. Geddes unique insights into waveguide theory - this capability is unique. Driver designer designs the driver for you. Voice coil size, power handling, X-max, coil wire and turns, even magnet design.