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A revolution in loudspeaker design is on and here is where it started.  Find out why "waveguides" are all the rage and how Earl Geddes of GedLee LLC was the person who started it all.

This new generation of loudspeakers has been hailed as:

"... the best speakers I've heard in 30 years as an ardent audiophile"

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Read about these speakers and the revolutionary theories that make them possible.

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Further GedLee products are Drs Geddes and Lee ground breaking books on audio and acoustics.


                        Audio Transducers book "Audio Transducers is a book that belongs on every audio engineers and audio technicians bookshelf"

        Vance Dickason, Voice Coil, Nov. 2002


"This is a fabulous book and no one-repeat, no one-in this business should be without a copy"

                    Dick Cambell, Audio X Press, April 2004


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Premium Home theater book

"... some excellent information on high-end home theater that should be of interest to industry engineers, installers, and consumers."
              Vance Dickason, Voice Coil, March 2004


GedLeeLLC also does consulting and expert witness testimony.  We have extensive expertise in loudspeaker design and analysis, home theater, sound quality, noise control, hearing aids and hearing aid transducers.  Dr. Geddes has extensive experience as an expert witness in both product liability cases as well as patent infringement.  Please contact us at:

43516 Scenic Lane,
Northville, MI, 48167,
(248) 795-0335


For more information or a direct contact please write or E-mail  Gedlee.


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