Polar Map App

Polar Map shows the highest resolution data presentation available for a complete polar response of a loudspeaker. The data analysis is based on Dr. Geddes proprietary radiation mode expansion of the polar field. This expansion allows for extremely high resolution of the polar data with a limited number of measurement points. The resolution of the various data sets shown here varies in frequency from 1/3 octave for some to critical band (based on Moore ERB, about 1/20th at HFs and 1/3 at LFs) for most of the later data sets. A monopole model is used for the region below 200 Hz using an overlap and averag methode of fitting the data. Because a monopole model is used the case a dipole will have the low frequency field misrepresented. The angular resolution is 2°.

In this application, the top plot is the frequency response along the axis selected in the lower plot by draging the mouse. The red curve is the total power response and the white curbv is the Directivity Index (DI)

PolarMap is all new and options can be selected by right clicking on the main map.

Run Polar Map

The application requires .Net 4.5 or later to run.

GedLee invites anyone to submit data files for inclusion in the database used in this app.

The format that this file must be in is shown here.