Geddes Loudspeakers

I no longer make speakers except the NS-15 (on request) - I no longer have tooling for anything else. There is a party who is preparing to make other speakers in this lineup, so if you are interested in smaller units or the NS-15 drop me a note at

The Geddes line of loudspeakers is the result of decades of intensive research and experience in loudspeakers, room acoustics, and psychoacoustics. This research has led to a rather unique approach to the optimum design of an audio playback system for a small room. The speakers shown here represent the current state-of-the-art in loudspeaker design for these venues using the highly acclaimed waveguides that have been developed by Dr. Geddes over more than thirty years. They are unique to Geddes loudspeakers.

A white paper is available that highlights Dr. Geddes approach to systems design. This approach is based on his years of research into the problems of audio playback in small rooms and this paper defines the design principles that go into each of the Geddes loudspeaker products.

Several reviews of Geddes Loudspeakers are available. These reviews testify to the correctness of Dr. Geddes's unique approach. It should be noted that these aren't select reviews, taken from a variety of various reviews, these are all of the reviews that were given to me. None have been left out.

Dr. Geddes has also written a white paper on directivity. The need for this paper was highlighted by the number of questions that are received about directivity - What is it? What is good or bad directivity?

There is also a paper on "What is a Waveguide". This is a subject of a great deal of confusion and controversy. This paper gives the history of the term by the person who first coined in as regards acoustic directivity controlling devices.

For those curious about Dr. Geddes "Multiple Sub" technique, view this video presentation and/or the PowerPoint slides.

The multiple sub DSP setup is supplied free to any customer using GedLee proprietary software. The manual for obtaining the data required to do this is available here.

There is now an option for using an active filter (supplied). The current pricing is the same for active or passive systems. The active crossover is supplied by a pre-programmed MiniDSP module. Either a 2 x 4 or a 2 x 8 platform are used depending on wheather or not subs are also implimented.

The Geddes product line currently consists of three models of mains, one is available in kit form and two subs.

The product line is:
Which model to buy?
  • The NS15 offers maximum performance but at a higher cost, volume and weight
  • The NA12 offers comparable performance to the NS15 but at a reduction in price, volume and weight
  • The Abbey 12C(a) is a classic loudspeaker at a very reasonable price and the only model available as a kit