Earl first got interested in stain glass back in the mid 70's working in an antique store, where he was repairing old jukeboxes while he went to school.  He still has several classic old windows that he obtained during that time.

He made his first window himself back in the later 70's, a sailboat sailing on some water.  In 1978 he went on to Penn State to obtain his PhD.  While at PSU he taught stain glass and bought glass to sell and use in his own projects, which he also sold.  Glass was a sideline business for him.  He still has glass from that time, i.e. a piece of Uroborus that had a date stamp on it from 1981.  In the years since he has steadily bought unique pieces of glass and now has several cartons, hundreds of pieces/sheets of glass from about a dozen manufactirers, many no longer in existance.