Software Apps

Polar Map

Polar map is an application that displays very high resolution polar response measurements made by Dr. Geddes over many years.

Modal Response

The modal response program shows the modal response of a rectangular room with various sources placed about the room. The sources are simply declared and then dragged to a location. Right clicking on a source allows for its deffinition as both a driver and an amplifier with EQ.

Room Response

Room response is an application that uses the same data sets as shown in Polar Map to show how a pair of speakers will work in a room at various seperations and toe-in angles.


The original loudspeaker enclousre modeling program from GedLee. This software is offered for free, but without support.

When running one of the web programs PolarMap or Room Response for the first time, Windows will object to its being "unsigned". Select "Run anyways" as the software is safe, its just not signed as this is something that only large software companies can do.