GedLee Consulting Expertise


With more than 50 years designing audio systems Dr. Geddes is well know throuighout the world for his achievements. He has consulted and worked in audio on four continents and dowzens of companies. His expertise is highly respected.


Dr. Lee is the expert here but Dr. Geddes has done significant work in this area as well. As a team they have accumulated numerous publications and clients over the years.

Automotive audio

Having worked in automotive audio for nearly 20 years Dr. Geddes has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in this area. He was Manger of Advanced Products for Ford Motor Company for many years.

Expert winess work

Dr. Geddes has worked on numerous lawsuites as an expert witness in areas such as patent infringment, hearing impairment and product liability.

Noise control

Dr. Geddes did landmark work in Sound Quality (Henry Ford Technology Achievement Award) while at Ford in the 80's and 90's. He was technical leader of the Active Noise Control joint venture which studied and bookshelved a vast collection of active noise technologies well before their wide scale acceptance in the industry.

Numerical software in acoustics

Dr. Geddes did his PhD on FEA simulations of room acoustics. He has continued to study and develope numerical software in audio and acoustics for some 35 years.

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