Tiffany 28" Bamboo

I made this shade a little over a year ago. It is a copy of a 28" Tiffany Bamboo. This was not a kit as no Bamboo kit of this size has ever been available. It is different from the 24" Tiffany Bamboo in many ways. The background glass is Youghioheny and the leaves are Uroboros. Each leaf is slumped to fit the 28" spherical form because some pieces being as much as 8" long would not fit otherwise. I was told (by Uroboros that this mottled green could not be slumped because the mottles would disappear. I found a way to do this! This shade is the biggest piece that I have ever done. It is huge and very heavy. It almost came appart when it came off the mold due to its size. It was extremely difficult to make. It sits on a floor standing Bamboo base that I have had for almost 20 years. It has been copper plated with a rich brown/green patina (again, its large size made this step very difficult.)